What Others Are Saying

“Many of us were appalled by the actions of Duke against these players. Eager to appease the outraged public, the university suspended the players and all but declared their guilt. It was not just an abdication of their responsibility to their own students, but a betrayal of a long-standing academic tradition to protect the community from prejudice and threats.” — Jonathan Turley, 2/21/08
“Cutting through the legalese, what the players — none of whom were charged in the dismissed sex assault case — are saying, especially as it applies to Duke, is that instead of supporting them, the university sat back while they were under general harassment…” — Bill Ordine, columnist, Baltimore Sun, 2/22/2008

“It’s hard to underestimate just what sort of injustice this case represented, as Nifong’s chicanery during the investigation triggered a chain of events throughout the academic community and the national media that resulted in the entire team being tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.” — Eric McErlain, AOL Sports, 2/21/2008

“With litigants like the Henkelmans pressing for ‘responsibility’ and ‘action,’ Duke could be in for a very interesting discovery process as the year progresses. These 38 families have already turned down the University’s offers to fully compensate them for their expenses-legal and otherwise-during the saga, lending credence to the assertion that their goals extend well beyond money.” — Kristin Butler, The Chronicle, 2/26/2008