Obtaining The Right Long Island Truck Accident Lawsuit Information

March 15, 2018

Have you been involved in a truck accident in Long Island? Are you considering filing a lawsuit? If you’re thinking about taking a case to court, you’ll want to make sure you have more than enough information. If you’re taking a step this big, you’ll want to have all the facts.

Talk To A Lawyer Before You Do Anything Else

When you’re in a situation like this, your first step should always be to talk to a long island accident injury lawyers. Hiring a lawyer isn’t something that you should put off. After all, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made when it comes to lawsuits.

If you speak to an attorney right away, you’ll be able to talk to them about your case in detail. You won’t have to gather all of the information you need on your own; they will be able to do that for you.

More importantly, your lawyer will help you to figure out what you should be doing next. They should work to help you avoid potential missteps. You don’t want to make any slip-ups related to your case. The wrong mistake could lead to a much lower settlement. Listen to your lawyer so that you can get all of the money you’re entitled to receive.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Lawyer

You should talk to a lawyer as soon as you can, but you should also make sure that you select the right attorney. If you’re going to be filing a lawsuit, you’re going to want to have a real legal eagle on your team. The sharper your lawyer is, the best.

If you have an attorney that you trust, you can turn to them. Call them immediately after the accident occurs. If you speak to them early on, they’ll be able to get the ball rolling very quickly. Contacting them right away should ensure a fast outcome.

If you don’t have an attorney that you usually work with, then you’ll need to find the right lawyer to represent you. Thankfully, tracking down a great lawyer shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Some experienced and talented lawyers work in the area around Long Island.

You should spend some time researching attorneys in the area. Find law firms that specialize in accident and personal injury cases. A firm like this will be able to do a lot for you. Find a firm with an excellent track record. You should work with a firm that can help you to win your case.

Once you’ve found a few different firms, you can start learning more about them. You may want to schedule consultations with some lawyers. During this meeting, you can ask them some questions so that you can figure out who you want to hire.

There are some questions you should bring up at your consultation. Ask them how much experience they have with cases like this. See what they expect the outcome of your case to be. Find out whether or not they are interested in representing you. If they are, and you want to work with them too, then you can go ahead and hire them.

Gathering Evidence For Your Case

The lawyer you hire should be able to gather plenty of evidence for you. They’ll know what kind of evidence to obtain to secure a settlement. With that said, there are a few things that you can do to help your attorney.

Whenever you do something that related to your truck accident, you should document it. If you receive a bill from the auto shop, then you should make sure you keep a copy of that bill. If you have to attend physical therapy, you should keep a copy of that bill and a copy of the medical report.

If you can obtain this information and present it to your attorney, they’ll be able to focus their attention on getting other information that you might need. They will be able to ensure that you get everything that you need for your case.

Getting documentation can take time. If you’re able to obtain this documentation as things occur, you’ll be able to strengthen your case and save yourself a lot of hassles. When you have all of the evidence ready to go, then your case should go very smoothly.

Deciding Who You Should Sue

You won’t be able to move forward with your lawsuit unless you can determine who you want to file a lawsuit against. You need to figure out who you should be suing before you do anything else.

If you provide your attorney with essential information about your case, they should be able to present your options to you. It’s likely that there are a few different people that you will be able to sue. You may be able to sue the truck driver that hit you, and you may be able to sue the company that they work for. You may also want to sue their insurance company. This could help you to get a big payout.

You should talk over all of the options with your lawyer. Ask them to provide you with detailed information. While your lawyer can provide you with advice, you’re the one that is going to have to decide what to do. You should make sure that you’re comfortable with the choice you make. Whether you file a single lawsuit or multiple lawsuits, you’ll want to ensure that the choice you make will lead to a favorable outcome for you.

How To Determine What You Should Do Next

If you’ve met with a lawyer and are waiting to hear back from them, you might be feeling restless. A lot of people feel like they could be doing more for your case.

Once you’ve met with a lawyer and told them what you want to do, you don’t have to do anything else. You should relax and let them take care of this for you. If they do ask you to do something, you should listen to their instructions. If they don’t ask for something from you, then you don’t have to do anything at all.

Turning responsibility over to a third party is hard. However, trusting your attorney is the right choice. Your attorney will be able to do things that you can’t. They have every incentive to win your case, and they will make sure that that happens.

You should try to obtain some truck accident lawsuit information on your own. However, once you’ve met with a lawyer and given them the information you have, you should relax. You can allow them to handle everything from here. Your lawyer should be able to protect and assist you.

Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do if you want to obtain more information. Here are a few of the things you should be trying.

Are you thinking about filing a truck accident lawsuit? If you’re going to be filing a lawsuit in Long Island, you’ll want to have the right attorney to represent you. You’ll also want to make sure you have all of the essential information.

Thankfully, learning more about your lawsuit shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Try implementing some of the tips that are listed above. If you take this advice and have a plan in place, you’ll be able to figure out the best way to handle this lawsuit.

Sanctions hearing transcript and order

July 17, 2008

Back on April 15, Chief Judge James A. Beaty, Jr. of the US District Court in Winston-Salem held a hearing to consider a motion for sanctions by Duke University’s and the City of Durham’s against lawyers for the 38 Duke lacrosse players for holding a news conference and maintaining this Web site about their lawsuit.

Judge Beaty denied the sanctions motion and issued an order which included guidance to both the plaintiffs’ and the defendants’ attorneys about their relations to the news media.

We are now able to post the transcript of the hearing.

Reproduced below is the transcript of Chief Judge Beaty’s order as issued from the bench. It begins on page 47 of the transcript:

THE COURT: The Court has considered the motions that have been filed in this case and the arguments of counsel made this date. Early on the Court made mention to Mr. Cowan about the two-part basis of Rule 3.6 and whether or not any statements that might be made by an attorney to the media will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing any of the proceedings, and particularly a jury trial in this case, so that each party would have a fair and impartial hearing before the Court.

The motion before the Court is one by the Defendant Duke University and other Defendants to sanction Plaintiffs for alleged violations of North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct 3.6 and as they may have been adopted by the local rules of this court. The Court has heard the arguments and has taken each of those into account. The Court has reviewed as well both the website that — the portions that were presented here in the courtroom and as part of the Court’s own consideration of this motion. Based upon the arguments and evidence presented, Defendants’ motion for sanctions at this time is denied.

However, all of the attorneys in this case are cautioned against making or authorizing any statements that will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing any of the proceedings going forward regardless of what publicity may have occurred in the past. In addition, to the extent Plaintiffs’ counsel maintains their website about this case, either directly or through an agent, Plaintiffs’ counsel is cautioned that they are responsible for the content of that website and for ensuring that any material contained in, quoted to or linked to on their website complies with the obligation of Professional Rules of Conduct 3.6.

Of course, as presented under the present circumstances, nothing that this Court rules on as a part of this announcement affects or limits any third party, including any member of the media or other persons acting independently of the attorneys in this case.

As this case proceeds, the Court will consider whether any specific protective orders may be necessary to ensure the integrity of the proceedings is maintained and that a fair jury pool is not materially prejudiced.

The Court will deny the motion for sanctions that is present before the Court.

Court rules on motion

April 15, 2008

Chief Judge James A. Beaty, Jr. of the US District Court in Winston-Salem today denied Duke University’s and the City of Durham’s motion to sanction lawyers for the 38 Duke lacrosse players for holding a news conference and maintaining a Web site about their lawsuit.

Judge Beatty issued an order which included guidance to both the plaintiffs’ and the defendants’ attorneys about their relations to the news media. We will study the judge’s guidance and govern ourselves accordingly.

Misquoted by the Raleigh News & Observer

February 22, 2008

I was misquoted. It isn’t the first time and surely won’t be the last, but this one is worth noting and correcting.

I was quoted out of context by the Raleigh News and Observer this morning:

The event was at the National Press Building in downtown Washington, a block from the White House.

“This is kind of a media center,” said Bork, son of the Supreme Court nominee rejected during the Reagan years. “And Durham isn’t. Sorry.”

What I said was that we held it in Washington because the law firm representing the players and their families is located in Washington, D.C., many of the families live there and I chose the National Press Club because of facilities that make it a center for media events. Several reporters from North Carolina had complained to me about having to come to DC. So, I apologized by saying, “Sorry.” I never said “Durham isn’t.”

UPDATED, 7:20 pm:

Sorry, another misquote in the same story. I didn’t notice it before until a blogger mentioned it this afternoon.

The players chose not to appear at the news conference, said Bob Bork Jr., the group’s hired publicist, because they don’t want to attract attention.

The blogger thought this was a stupid comment on my part because the players filed a lawsuit that was bound to attract attention. He would have been correct if that was what I had said.

Well, here’s the reason I gave for the players’ absence. You will see that what the paper reported can’t be extracted from what I said.

None of the 38 players who are filing this lawsuit are here today. They considered participating, but many have jobs and some are still students and lacrosse team members at Duke. One is in Army Ranger school preparing to deploy to Iraq.

Know this — the players are united behind this lawsuit. At the same time that they are understandably concerned about retribution and negative, maybe even slanderous media coverage. Who can blame them after what they endured for 13 months in 2006 and 2007. They are walking a fine line between trying to live normal lives in the wake of an unspeakable trauma and at the same time trying to get answers to questions that remain unaddressed by their university.

They need to have peace to heal, but there can be no healing without accountability.